Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots is an attractive sports game. In this game, your task is to slam dunk as many balls into the basket as possible and not exceed the allotted time.

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This is a great basketball simulation game. You will control the basketball to put it in the basket as many times as possible. You need to adjust the distance so the ball hits the basket without being out. Each time you click the mouse, the ball bounces higher. However, the basket cannot be hit if the ball is too high for the basket or too low. There are two baskets on either side, and you need to dunk the ball in these baskets in turn. Each time the ball has been shot into a basket, there is a time limit. You are forced to adjust the ball into the basket within those few seconds. If you can not get the ball into the basket, you lose. With each throw, the height of the basket is always different. They can be getting higher or lower, or they can be moved from the highest position to the lowest position. Do not miss any ball and score.

There are a few tips for you to get the most points in this game. First of all, you need to pay attention to the time. The time will count down once you hit the first ball. You can see the yellow time bar that shows how much time you have left to put the ball in the basket is running out. Because time is limited, if you can not align the appropriate distance, you should tap multiple times to pass the new turn quickly. Second, you should align the most suitable space before clicking. Finally, you should tap twice, so the chance of dunk will be more successful. Pay attention to observing and learning from the experience for the next dunk. If you fail too many times, it does not matter because you can accumulate a lot of experience to make the most successful dunk.

It can be said that this is an excellent game for entertainment. With simple gameplay, you just need to align the perfect distance to click the mouse to put the ball into the basket. The game also creates a bit of a challenge for you when limited in time. Overall, this is still an attractive simulation game for those who are passionate about sports, especially basketball. You will be immersed in the game and enjoy the most relaxing moments. Can you become the one with the highest score? Improve your score with each turn.

The image of the game is beautiful. There are not too many colors, but they are all very harmoniously coordinated. The sound is lively, and you will feel a sense of satisfaction after every sound that signals that you have successfully slammed a dunk. This is one of the reasons that draw you into the game. You will not be able to stop playing it. Two baskets will be the final goal that you need to aim for. Good luck.

Features of Tap Tap Shots:

How to play:

Click the mouse to play.