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Four In A Row

About Four In A Row

Are you ready to play Four In A Row? Now is the time to start playing this puzzle game.

Colors And Field Sizes

Let's start by picking your favorite color. Green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow are among the 8 colors available for free choice in the game. Additionally, there are three field sizes to choose from: large, stretch, and default.

  • There are seven cells in a row and six in a column in the default size.
  • There are 9 cells in a row and 4 cells in a column in a stretch size.
  • There are nine cells in a row and six in a column in large size.

This game provides you with more options than Snake Game, Tap Tap Shots, and Scribble.

How To Play Four In A Row

In this game, you need to defeat your opponents by making a line of discs that have the same color first. You and your opponent must each drop a disc into the columns in turn to accomplish this. To respond to your opponent's moves quickly and precisely, try to plan your winning moves in advance and anticipate their subsequent moves.