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Jetpack Joyride

About Jetpack Joyride

Race through an endless world with Jetpack in the exciting 2D game Jetpack Joyride. Conquer long distances with speed, avoid obstacles, and collect coins.

Manufacturer Y2G Pte. Ltd. has built the image of an extremely powerful bullet-powered jetpack. Wear stylish and modern uniforms. Control the most modern car that frantically wants to move forward quickly to conquer endless racing tracks and defeat scientists. The game creates tremendous heat for players.

What will players have to do when participating in this adventure game? That's just running fast and non-stop, avoiding obstacles, and collecting coins on the track.

Don't run into missiles or lightning to survive the long journey. The chance of survival is increased the greater the amount of coins the player collects. Use coins to buy spacers, armor, speed boosts, and gravity suits.

Players have the opportunity to increase their strength and collect a piggy bank based on upgrade items arranged everywhere.

Jetpack Joyride is a fast-paced, intense game full of challenges, opportunities, and potential risks. Refresh your spirit and get ready to dive into this death race.

How To Control

Use the left mouse button and spacebar.