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Cricket World Cup

About Cricket World Cup

Join the Cricket World Cup for a great experience with the world's most prestigious tournament. Compete for the national flag and bring glory to the country.

Cricket World Cup brings a playground filled with excitement, and fun mixed with suspense and drama. It is an extremely addictive cricket game. Create a global fever, like an adventure around the world to win a prestigious trophy when you compete with opponents from all five continents.

The goal is to win all matches, put your name on the world rankings, and win a prestigious trophy in your career. Bring pride to the country.

To win and become the king of this game genre, players must have the art of competition. Timing skills, hitting and blocking skills, skills in choosing the exact moment to block the ball.

The Cricket World Cup offers 3 different match types. Each type has its own challenges and unique style of play. Need to change strategies and techniques accordingly to face opponents.

Are you ready to participate in an international tournament? Join the Cricket World Cup today.

How to play

Use the mouse.