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Rescue Hero

About Rescue Hero

Rescue Hero is a game about finding treasure and rescuing a princess being held captive by monsters. Complete the arduous journey with meaningful actions.

Rescue Hero is inspired by a medieval fantasy setting. Built as a 2D puzzle game full of thrills and intense appeal. The game brings a great humanistic meaning. Eliminate evil to have a good life for people.

The player's mission is to transform into a hero to find treasure and rescue the princess from deep prison. The place where the princess is kept is dark, cold, and strictly controlled by monsters, securely locked.

The difficulty given is that the hero must act alone and without the help of teammates. Traps are spread everywhere, so to both get the treasure and save the princess, the player needs to pull the pins skillfully and accurately. If just one small detail is wrong, our hero will be destroyed or the treasure will melt. All efforts will be for nothing.

Players need to identify and make the correct choices to safely withdraw the pins. Create safety for life and keep the treasure as well as rescue the princess.

At each level, heroes will be arranged in different positions with different dangers. But the ultimate goal is still to save the princess and get the egg.

Tips And Tricks

  • Build a flexible strategy.
  • Careful observation is required.
  • Decisive in every situation.
  • Be persistent and careful.
  • Observe the overview in detail.
  • Predict every situation in advance.

How To Play

Use the mouse to play.