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Mini Monkey Mart

About Mini Monkey Mart

Mini Monkey Mart is an extremely lovely game with monkeys managing the mini supermarket. Create an orderly, modern chain of stores with the hottest shopping.

Mini Monkey Mart was developed by Hihoy Games and has become the most enthusiastically received game by all ages because, in a smaller environment, shopping activities still take place in an exciting way under the arrangement of monkeys.

With extremely simple gameplay and colorful graphics with addictive mechanics, we will be hooked on Mini Monkey Mart for hours.

Use your mouse to move the monkeys around the shelves. Arrange goods in the right categories, in the right places. Try to do it quickly but be precise and neat.

- Sales for monkeys. Remember to collect money to upgrade the supermarket.

- Also, grow bananas and sell bananas to the monkeys because it's their favorite food.

- The main goal is to sell the essential foods which are bananas, milk, and bread. Manage inventory to ensure goods are always full to sell to customers.

You will earn a large amount of money when you complete the game and will upgrade your store to a larger scale. Attract a large number of monkeys to shop.

How to play:

Use the mouse.