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Santa Fright Night

About Santa Fright Night

Santa Fright Night is a puzzle adventure game with a Christmas theme. Help Santa collect missing gifts to distribute to everyone. Create a meaningful Christmas.

Santa Fright Night is a novel combination of puzzles, action, reactions, and physics. To get gifts everywhere. Santa must flexibly use these skills.

The player's task is to navigate Santa through different obstacles and challenges to get the missing gifts. The skill of using the laws of physics in this situation is maximized.

Each level will be a different maze. To conquer and discover them, cunning skills need to be performed delicately. Intuitive and easy controls create a version of Santa Fright Night suitable for all ages.

Skillfully combining the up arrow key or the W key will create daring jumps. To create a counterclockwise movement will be the perfect combination of the left arrow key or the A key. To move in the opposite direction will be the right arrow key or the D key.

Santa Fright Night brings a warm Christmas atmosphere with a joyful symphony of jingle bells combined with gifts to create an impressive Christmas.

How to play

Use arrow keys or WAD keys.