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Jump Up 3D

About Jump Up 3D

Jump and put the ball in the basket with the techniques of a basketball superstar in the game Jump Up 3D. Try to complete the goal with fast speed and accuracy.

Jump Up 3D is a sports game and specifically, this game is inspired by basketball. The player transforms into a bunny that bounces endlessly on a trampoline and receives basketballs. Determine the correct and appropriate time to throw the ball into the basket. Completing the mission will help you reach the finish line and be in 1st place. And what's special is the opportunity to advance to more complex levels.

The game becomes thrilling and dramatic from the 2nd level onwards because of the appearance of competitors and the columns containing the basket no longer stand still in place but will move continuously in other positions.

Throwing skills, speed control, and accurate timing are the deciding factors in victory. You will be the one to finish first if you have all the skills of a top basketball player. Really agile but extremely precise.

Basic tips and tricks

  • Need to enter the game with excitement. Good control of speed and precision.
  • Jump with rhythm and determine the right time to launch the ball.
  • Extremely calm and well-controlled in front of competitors.


  • Intuitive controls help players enjoy and enter the game easily.
  • The gameplay is addictive and creates excitement for players to try to conquer all levels.
  • Bright and eye-catching graphics.
  • The music is fun and creates drama when needed.

How to play

Use the mouse.