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About Badland

Badland is a mystery game. Fly, and float to discover the wonders of the magical forest. Try to overcome all obstacles with your tactics to preserve your life.

Coming to Badland game, we can live and enjoy the most wonderful and relaxing moments of entertainment with perfect sound design, super attractive graphics, and extremely simple controls.

Badland takes you to a fairy forest with a mysterious adventure. A fantasy world is explored by you as a resident of the forest. Your task is to find out the secrets that are still hidden. Perform actions such as soaring through the air, climbing slopes or floating, snaking through traps, and confronting fearsome and dangerous enemies.

Every land, every forest you go through the mystery will be clarified. It's your chance to continue exploring magical landscapes on more difficult levels.

What is your intelligence, your courage, your resilience, and your agility? Let's discover your great ability in the game Badland.

The game is suitable for all ages and you can play it whenever you want on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse.