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About Bonk.io

Use strategy to compete with up to 8 players at once in the game Bonk.io. Avoid your opponent's attacks. Gain control and push your opponents out of bounds.

Bonk.io is a highly competitive game. There is a physical element, a survival element, and tactics must be used. Need good body control and professional use of evasion skills. This helps players avoid fiery collisions that lead to death.

The goal of the game is very clear, which is to defeat opponents or push them into dangerous positions or fall out of bounds.

To achieve the outlined goals, players need to use the arrow keys to move. Combine using the X key to make your body become heavy. This helps you deal with attacks from your opponents. But it has the limitation that your body will have difficulty moving as the weight increases. That's why tactics need to be used flexibly.

Bonk.io offers native map creation thanks to the use of a level editor.


  • The game has an extremely fast pace and addictive gameplay.
  • Many challenges with different game modes.
  • There is a very strong online community.
  • Install and customize the map to your own style maps.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use the X key to increase body weight.