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Candy Clicker

About Candy Clicker

With clicks, create sweet candies in the Candy Clicker idle game. Be diligent and persistent to create large amounts of candy and unlock valuable items.

Candy Clicker is a game with simple gameplay but extremely fun and entertaining. In a sweet candy world, players will have the opportunity to enjoy all the delicious candies in the world created by their own hands.

Style play:

With clicks, you will create colorful candies. The gameplay is simple but not boring, but it has a strong attraction because of the extremely surprising and interesting things that players witness when lost in the world of sweets. The things that Candy Clicker brings are beyond players' imagination.

The more you click, the more candy you will create. This will help you quickly progress and upgrade yourself. It is possible to invest in candy production equipment so that we can produce a large amount of candy to meet consumer demand and distribution worldwide.


Prestige and quality system: Prestige points will help you upgrade and create large amounts of candy as needed.

Achievements and goals are clearly stated: The system of achievements and goals is saved globally. Bring valuable rewards.

Social Interaction: Create healthy competition with competitors around the world.

How to play

Use the mouse.