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Drift Escape

About Drift Escape

Explore a world full of adrenaline in the addictive game Drift Escape. Be a skilled car racer with a drifting ability to avoid police pursuit.

Immersing in the world of Drift Escape, players will have a source of positive energy, always in constant motion. In a vibrant metropolis, with realistic graphics and intuitive controls, players will find their own way out. One thing can only be said: this is the ultimate entertainment game for those who are passionate about thrills and exploration.

The task of this game is to control the car to avoid the chase of the police and military in a bustling, crowded city. Identify your goals, choose your strategy, and use different ways to stop your opponents. Turn off your opponent's vehicle. You can make them crash into obstacles and gradually make your opponents lose track.

To avoid damaging your vehicle, stay away from obstacles such as electricity poles, bus stops, or concrete blocks. Conquer records with endless mode. Try to collect coins to buy new cars or upgrade more advanced features.

How to play

  • Accelerate: Use the W key or up arrow key.
  • Go back: Use the S key or the down arrow key.
  • Go left: Use A key or left arrow.
  • Go right: Use the D key or right arrow.
  • Handbrake: Use spaces.