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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It

Win exciting rewards by beating world records with masterful controls in Getting Over It. Conquer all terrains and climb to the highest peak.

Getting Over It is a skill game loved by many people. Practice ingenuity, calmness, and concentration along with strategy. The game offers a variety of terrains from simple to complex with the character being a cat sitting in a pot. With just a hammer, are you confident in helping the climbing cat conquer all terrain? Let's experience the game with the most fun and excited spirit.

The goal of the game is to adventure with a cat trapped in a pot to explore and conquer challenges with a single hammer. The hammer replaces the cat's legs because the cat's legs cannot move. The hammer is used flexibly, sometimes as a lever, sometimes as a hook to cling to rocks and cliffs.

To win the game some tips are needed

  • Stay calm: Getting angry will not solve the problem but will make it worse.
  • Master the hammer: It is the only tool to conquer challenges, so use it flexibly.
  • Research your competitors: Find out mistakes so you don't make them.

How to play

Use the mouse.