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Horse Jumping Show 3D

About Horse Jumping Show 3D

Horse Jumping Show 3D is a professional horse racing game. Become a legendary horse rider to bring audiences the most eye-catching and explosive performances.

The game will give players a very realistic. There is a stage with millions of spectators, the applause is the motivation for the horses and athletes to have more motivation to perform.

To have the best performances, horses need to be carefully cared for and raised. Selected from the best horses with healthy bodies and eye-catching colors. They are trained to become powerful war horses. Ready for the races ahead. Horse racing takes place on a worldwide scale. Try to conquer the races to get your name on the rankings.

A horse farm with many horses that have been selected and raised according to the best methods. But players can only choose the next horses if they unlock the previous races.

Step on the horse in the most heroic way by pressing the F key. Use the WASD keys to move the horses as you wish. Jump over the obstacles ahead by pressing the spacebar. Note that if you don't want to fall off your horse, don't rush into obstacles.

How to play

To move: Use WASD keys.

To jump: Use the spacebar.