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House Of Hazards

About House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a game that challenges your courage in your own home with dangers lurking. With skills and wisdom, overcome these dangers.

The different feeling that the game House Of Hazards brings is suspense, fear, curiosity, and excitement. Be nervous and curious about what challenges or dangers are lurking and when they will appear. Excitement and joy when overcoming those obstacles. Players are completely absorbed in the new world that House Of Hazards brings.

The goal of this game is to race through the house to complete tasks while avoiding obstacles and traps created by opponents. The game requires skills, actions, and careful thinking.

Dangers are everywhere. In the house, you will face the ceiling light, The faucet, The toaster oven, The robot vacuum, The remote controller, and the mirror.

In the garden are teddy bears and bushes. Finally, there is the garage where you will encounter dangers from pitching machines, skateboards, and water pipes. By all means, avoid and overcome it.

How to play

Player 1:

  • Move left or right: Use the A/D keys.
  • Shoot or crouch: Use the S key.
  • Jump: Use the W key.

Player 2:

  • Move left: Use J/L key
  • Shoot or crouch: Use the K key.
  • Jump: Use the Y key.