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Idle Mining Empire

About Idle Mining Empire

Mining underground minerals to make profits based on miners' labor in the game Idle Mining Empire. Develop production facilities and upgrade warehouse.

Idle Mining Empire is a product of the company MarketJS. Brings players a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment. Different from other game genres such as shooting and racing.

The ultimate goal is to earn the highest profit from underground mineral mining. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to build a professional exploitation and transportation system. A modern machinery system. The miners are highly skilled and professionally trained.

At the beginning of the game, we will activate the miners to exploit minerals by touching them. Next is transporting the minerals to the elevator and finally transporting them to the warehouse for sale. At each stage, there is a worker in charge. Activities take place continuously. Do not interrupt any stage.

Use earned coins to upgrade automated systems, expand warehouses, and hire more workers.

Are you ready to explore and excavate underground? Play Idle Mining Empire to have extremely meaningful entertainment moments.

How to play

Use the mouse.