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Red And Blue Stickman Huggy 2

About Red And Blue Stickman Huggy 2

Come to the world of the adventure game Red And Blue Stickman Huggy 2 to control the Red and Blue Stickman to overcome obstacles to the finish line.

Red And Blue Stickman Huggy 2 will recreate an action adventure full of dangers, thorns, and traps of the red and blue Huggy twins.

Why call it a perilous journey?

  • Because the two brothers needed to get out of the dark temple and did not have the essential items to serve life.
  • They cannot swim but they are surrounded by water, which means that if they fall into the water, the escape will be over.
  • Any escape is called successful if both overcome the obstacle. If one of them dies, the game ends and the level starts again.

The first task is to get the key to go through the doors. Collect as many diamonds as possible. The escape needs to take place very focused and careful.

Let's try Red And Blue Stickman Huggy 2 now to see our ability to overcome obstacles.

How to play

Use the WASD keys and ARROW keys.