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Return Man 2

About Return Man 2

The exciting American football game is only available at Return Man 2. Show off professional catches, and skillful movements and get the ball to the end zone.

Return Man 2 is an extremely popular rugby game in the US in particular and in Europe in general. It was created by the game developer ESPN Arcade. Your goal in this game is to quickly run to the yellow circle in the middle of the football field and catch the ball in time, then move skillfully to the end of the field while avoiding the opponent's players.

The game attracts players through attractive challenges and professional and technical movements accompanied by classic but extremely beautiful graphics. Create a very fun ball game.

  • To run forward use the I key.
  • When you want to run backward, use the K key.
  • To move to the left, use the J key.
  • Run to the right, and use the L key.

Try your best to unlock the next difficulty levels. Enjoy moments of fun, and comfortable entertainment when playing Return Man 2.

How to control:

Use the I, J, K, and L keys.