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Spider-Man Epic Battles

About Spider-Man Epic Battles

Spider-Man Epic Battles is a fighting game to defeat enemies with your mind. Use memory to help Spiderman win and become the superhero of the world.

Are you a person with a good memory and decisive in all actions? Try it now with the exciting Spider-Man Epic Battles game.

Play as Spiderman on a mission to wipe out the villains from New York City. As long as you have a passion for puzzles and a good memory, you are completely confident to win this game.

If your actions are correct and executed successfully you have a chance to attack Venom or other bad guys. On the contrary, if your actions are wrong, you will definitely run out of health because you are attacked by enemies. Losing is understandable.

- To play this game you need to remember and act are the two main tasks that you need to perform.

  • Remember a sequence of icons then click it in the correct order.
  • Find and match 2 identical tiles to eliminate them and perform attacks.
  • Create a group of 3 identical symbols by swapping symbols between them.

How to play:

Use the mouse.