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About Stacktris

Stacktris is a game that tests your balance skills by stacking blocks of tetrominoes. Let's make this tower block the highest and don't knock them over.

Puzzle games have always attracted people because they train us for perseverance, concentration, judgment of situations, and ingenuity. In order to satisfy the needs of players, Stacktris was born. It deserves to be called a challenging but extremely fun tower game.

Your task is to stack the spinning tetromino blocks as high as possible without knocking them over. The factor that determines when to stop spinning the tetromino blocks is very important. Stopping at the right time, and dragging to reposition the block on the platform so that it stands firmly is one of the points that determines whether you win the game or not.

Although it is very difficult, you will still have certain hints or use the coins you earn to buy higher upgrades. Playing Stacktris you will have the opportunity to experience extremely unique features such as fast spin, slow spin, low bounce, friction, and power-ups. Join the game right away with your friends for the most exciting experience.

How to play

  • To move tetrominoes: Use the A/D or left/right arrow keys.
  • To stop tetrominoes blocks: Left mouse click.
  • To drop tetrominoes: Release the left mouse button.
  • To pause: press Enter or Return.
  • Menu: Press ESC.