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Steve And Alex

About Steve And Alex

Steve And Alex is a team rescue action game of the Minecraft genre. Join the game to open the doors and uncover the mysteries in the next levels.

Steve And Alex bring thrills, intrigue, and drama. Let's explore this game step by step to sublimate each moment together. Alex is trapped and Steve must find a way to rescue him.

To do this, Steve must collect all the black pixels to create a portal for Alex to pass through. If the gate construction is successful, the two characters will be reunited and both will continue to have to go through the third and final gate and proceed to the next level.

Steve wears a navy blue shirt and he moves with the arrow keys. In contrast, Alex wears a green shirt and will move with the "WASD" keys. Be careful while moving so as not to fall into the water or collide with any hazards.

Let's combine smoothly so that both of you succeed in the moves and don't have to start from the beginning.

How to play

  • Green character: Use the WASD keys
  • Blue character: Use the ARROWS.