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Vortex 9

About Vortex 9

A dramatic shooting arena unique to Vortex 9 where you show yourself as an intense gunner. Join explosive matches and become the best shooter.

Never would you have thought that you would be fighting in a vast universe and expressing yourself through the image of brave fighting cats. Fight with talking robots. You get to role-play with characters like John, Jane, Marvin McSpy, Mr. Goodboy, Jess Purrfect, Hellen D. Mon, Mercydroid, and Beelzebox. Equipped with the most modern and heavy weapons. To fight in the most amazing locations, just looking at the scenery gives the motivation to fight. But those are explosive battles.

The difference in Vortex 9 is that it has both classic shooting mode and automatic fire mode. That makes the game's own mark.

Join Vortex 9 now and choose your favorite character. Start beating other characters you find. The last survivor will be the winner.

How to play is very simple. The content is engaging. That's why you shouldn't miss this game.

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • To get grenades, use the G key.
  • When you want to remove the item you see, use the F, M keys.
  • Use the spacebar to jump and if you want to change weapons, roll the mouse.

How to control:

Use WASD, space, F, M, G, and the mouse.