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Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone

About Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone

Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone is an extremely interesting game. Your mission is to collect as much food as possible and become the biggest snake.

Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone is the latest free updated version 2022 of the old classic snake color game - Worm Battle Royale!

How do you win in the game Worm? Obtain as much food as you can to grow into the largest snake possible in the gaming environment! Your battle royale will encounter many other worms, but you can eliminate them by improving your worm.

The game can be played in one of three modes:

- Timed Mode requires you to defeat every opponent before the timer expires.

- Endless Mode, where you attempt to increase the worm's weight and endure for as long as you can

- In the game mode Gems Forever, your goal is to acquire as many gems as you can.


- Complete daily and calendar tasks to earn gold coins and diamonds.

- Develop your abilities, gather rewards, and upgrade your worm.

- Take part in secret, theme-based events with special rewards and assignments.

How to control:

- Use the mouse to steer your worm, and the space bar to speed.

- Run to the safe area and carry on eating there if you are in danger.

- Don't get close to the edges because your surroundings are also dangerous to you.

- There are many bonuses and power-ups to protect you. Remember to collect it.