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Zombie In Space

About Zombie In Space

Play as an astronaut in an exciting shooting game in Zombie In Space. Try to survive in the deadly environment and fight off dangerous zombies.

Zombie In Space is a game that never disappoints you with its extremely attractive storyline, vivid sound, drama, and beautiful graphics. That's why Zombie In Space is the most searched and played game recently.

The game is set in a spaceship. With attacks like storms of zombies. You have to quickly shoot them down one by one. If you slow down, the zombies will take over space and kill you. You will be the loser.

You must try to fight to survive in this narrow space. It is necessary to collect rewards and artifacts to upgrade yourself and find the cause of the epidemic.

In the crates in each level, there will be weapons and you will have to find the most advanced new weapons to defeat the powerful enemies.

Are you ready to come to the Hyperion universe and take part in this fast-paced shooting game? Join the Zombie In Space game now to have the most interesting experience and learn about this scary zombie virus.

How to play

  • To move: use WASD keys or arrow keys.
  • To aim and shoot: Use the mouse.
  • To get a super weapon: Press the F key.
  • Reload weapon: Press the R key.